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GIANT Modules

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This bundle includes three modules: GIANT Operations, GIANT Quality, and GIANT Supply Chain. Each module is designed to provide intelligent support for the core processes and needs of manufacturers, enabling them to embrace digital transformation.

GIANT Intelligence

GIANT Excellence empowers you to visualize your data in a way that suits your needs. You can build beautiful, interactive charts and dashboards, and gain quick insights from your data. With GIANT Advance, you can even run basic Data Science models without programming skills or big effort

GIANT Analytics

GIANT Analytics incorporates the modules GIANT Obsverer and GIANT Facilitator which make Machine Learning and Data Science work with your data and support you in your daily business, handling anomalies and alarming about critical situations.

Data Integration and Management

GIANT Integrator

The Integrator is an essential component, designed to facilitate the collection of data from diverse sources and formats through a wide range of connectors. It enables a unified visualization and analysis within a single framework.

GIANT Data Manager

The Data Manager handles compression, metadata settings, configuration of parameters, logging, archiving, and other essential functions, ensuring that your toolbox is a flexible and high-performing tool for everyone to use.

GIANT Explorer

The GIANT Explorer performs critical data preprocessing, cleansing, and handling tasks, as well as the most essential data manipulation functions. It also serves as container for all ML-models utilized within the applications.

GIANT Role Manager

This module is dedicated to managing all users, roles, and access rights within the framework, ensuring that your data remains secure and protected, and that access is limited to specific target groups according to their needs.


Databases (SQL, NoSQL)
Manual Inputs
(I)IoT Devices (MQTT, UDP)
RestAPI / OData
SAP (R/3, S4 HANA)
Files (semi-)struct.
Files unstructured
Streams (V/A / Data)
Custom (Just Ask Us)