GIANT Toolbox Manager

Explore the digital way for your core operations
GIANT Integrator

The Integrator gives you the possibility to connect to different sources, gather data once or in real-time, integrate and prepare them for convenient further analysis.

Consumer of various Data Connectors

Data Model Unification

OPC DA Connector

OPC UA Connector

SQL Database Connector

NoSQL Database Connector

MQTT / UDP Connector

RestAPI / OData

Stream Handling (Video / Audio / Data)

File Upload without Processing

File Upload with Processing of (Semi.)Structured Data

Manuel Input (Check also GIANT Operations)

SAP S4/HANA (ODBC, Python DB API, Node.js, OData)


Custom Interface (Just Ask Us)

GIANT Data Manager

Your strong supporter for adding more flexibility and performance - from metadata settings and data engineering through watchdogs to logging and archiving


Parameter Definition and Management

Setpoint Management

Data Compression Classic

Data Compression AI-based

Parameter Group Management

Governed Setpoint Management (4-eyes-principle)

Product Definition and Management

Equipment Definition and Management

Event Management

Change Management, Logging and Auditing

Archiving and Recovering

Source Failure Recognition

Data Failure Recognition

GIANT Explorer

This module helps you hieve the quality of your data to a higher level and serves as container for your logical models in use.

Data Cleansing and Preprocessing

Model Containerization

Model Maintenance

GIANT Role Manager

Users and corresponding roles are the basis for a comprehensive access managment so that your data stays secure and confidential.

User Management

Standard Roles

Access Management

Custom Roles

Hierarchical Company Structures (multi-site, multi-plant, …)

LDAP Connectivity