Explore the digital way for your core operations
GIANT Operations

Digitalize your processes using forms for manual inputs and visuals for already available data. Combine them in workflows.

Form Builder (Manual Entry Capabilities)

Workflow Builder

Process Merger

Maintenance Task Manager

Measure Tracking

GIANT Quality

Control your quality processes from the raw material through the quality measures of your samples to the certificate of your product

Sample Schedule

Quality Parameter Manager

Time-based Events (e.g. New Sample)

Condition-based Events (e.g. Double Check)

Quality Result Form with Treshold Observation

Quality Protocol and Certificate Generator

Reverse Sampling Management

Non-Conformity Handling

GIANT Supply Chain

Support your supply chain processes by setting up warehouses for tracking of available equipment, samples or materials.

Warehouse Creator

Location Mapping Tool

Tracking Tool

GIANT Intelligence

Turn your data into insights
GIANT Excellence

Use available dashboards on click. Create new interactive charts for collected data and organized them as needed. In a generic or a personal view.

High-interactive Customizable Charts (mix data from different sources)

Customizable Dashboards

Print Function

Export Function

OEE Dashboard

OpEx Dashboard

Condition Monitoring Dashboard

Batch Monitoring

Top20 Anomalies

Similarity Analysis

GIANT Advance

Use the power of Machine Learning and Data Science methods to get more insights - out of the box, with our modern no-code apporach

Advanced Data Analytics (Correlation Analysis, Boxplots, Heatmaps, Regression, Root Cause / Descision Tree, Clustering, ...)

GIANT Analytics

Turn your data into insights
GIANT Observer

Your reliable helper observing everything you want and letting you know if anomalies exist

Warnings & Alarms Over Predefined Events

Custom Machine Learning / Data Science Models (e.g. Predictive Maintenance, Quality Control, …)

GIANT Facilitator

The facilitator helps you keeping processes in the predefined borders and limits they are meant to be

Intelligent Process Control (Custom)